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About Us

iProperties established in 2012 for Real Estate Consultancy in Egypt Premium Quality Real Estate full pledge commercial & residential real estate marketing, services as well as specialized research & analysis various real estate investments… defined by our ventures spirit.
Through a culture of service excellence and a motivating sense by habit.


Iproperties is a Dynamic growing entity that provides an extra Value that is different from others, through adopting the highest ethical and professional services thus leading to happier satisfied lasting partners.


To is the most credible and efficient choice in the real estate industry with a range of innovative and integrated services that are built upon our expanding team of experts.

Values :

  • Everyone Counts

“No One Is Perfect, but a Team Can be”,

We believe that together everyone can achieve more, Success is built on Support, Respect differences, Trust, and being humble. All these are the foundations of a Happy and Positive Environment.

  • Growth Mindset

” Great Things never come from your Comfort Zone”

We believe that to achieve excellence on every level and meet the world’s changing needs, we must continually learn, develop and improve. We also believe that empowering growing minds is the engine for creative and innovative ideas.

  • Permanent Partnership

      ” a little win for your partner is a little win for you”

We believe that a successful and Permanent partnership comes from showing commitment to our promises, dedication to our common goals, and doing the right things always.

  • Completing the Big Picture.

      ” It is not about What you say, it is about your Actions”

We believe that the key to sustaining our Goal is by embracing the professional appearance, Language, and attitude, and also by considering our partners’ interests as a Top priority.

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